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What is a Census Information Center?

The Census Information Center (CIC) Program is a community-based component of the U.S. Census Bureau's Data Dissemination Network. Its purpose is to facilitate access and use of census data as well as participation in Census Bureau censuses and surveys by underserved communities.

In August 2000, the Census Bureau designated the Asian American Federation as one of the 59 CICs in the country. As an official repository of Census Bureau data, the Federation receives a variety of data products, information and services directly from the Census Bureau.


What will the Federation CIC offer?

  • Publication of demographic briefs and reports on Asian Americans at the national, state, city, and neighborhood levels;
  • Customized data and mapping services upon requests by community organizations, businesses, and government agencies;
  • An on-line databank of Asian American statistics;
  • Orientation and training on Census Bureau data products and their use for community leaders and service providers.

For more information:
Meghan Clark, CIC Associate
212-344-5878 ext. 11


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