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The Asian American Federation of New York would like to thank these groups and individuals for their generous contributions to the Asian American Federation WTC Fund.

Asian Pacific American Democratic Association of New York (New York, NY)
Asian Pacific American Libraries Association (Lexington, KY)
Wilson Au (New York, NY)
Avaya Communication (Westminster, CO)
Wei Fang and Hsiu Chu Baw (Voorhees, NJ)
Barbara C. Bryan (New York, NY)
C.J. Huang Foundation Corporation (New York, NY)
Hazel Chan (New York, NY)
Joaquin Chan-Sanchez (Los Angeles, CA)
Betty Chang (New York, NY)
Sandy Chang (Berkeley, CA)
Chao Tzu Chen (Roebling, NJ)
Christopher Chen (Richmond, CA)
Sean C. and Linda Y. Chen (Voorhees, NJ)
Stuart Chen-Hayes and Tzyy-Liang Chen (New Rochelle, NY)
Amy Y. Cheung (Needham, MA)
Kathryn J. Chin (Ridgewood, NJ)
Wu Mo Ching Chin (New York, NY)
Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (New York, NY)
Merle K.H. Chong (Honolulu, HI)
Citigroup Inc. (New York, NY)
Janice A. Corradi (Burbank, CA)
Grant L. Din (Oakland, CA)
Joseph Dolan (New York, NY)
Patrick Michael and Yasue Sato Edwards (Camarillo, CA)
Jeanne Eng (New York, NY)
EZM Technologies Group (New York, NY)
Joanne M. Fitzgerald (Torrance, CA)
Fletcher Global Management, LLC (New York, NY)
Alison Y. Fong (San Francisco, CA)
Eileen Fu (New York, NY)
Jimmy and Eileen Fukuhara (Marina Del Rey, CA)
Angela Fung (New York, NY)
Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (New York, NY)
Tessie Guillermo (San Francisco, CA)
Marion Hatashita (Huntington Beach, CA)
Darcy Hector (New York, NY)
Mabel Higa (Alhambra, CA)
Dorothy Hokoyama (Los Angeles, CA)
J.D. and Therese Hokoyama (Montebello, CA)
Stanley S. Honda (New York, NY)
Christine M. Hong (Santa Clara, CA)
Chih-Chien and Mei-Ling V. Hsu (Torrance, CA)
Mei Feng Hu (New York, NY)
Paul D.C. Huang (New York, NY)
Noriko Ikemoto (Los Angeles, CA)
Institutional Investor Newsletters (New York, NY)
Erica M. Ishijima (Diamond Bar, CA)
Si and Betty Ishimaru (Hawthorne, CA)
Sandra Isomoto (Los Angeles, CA)
Claire Iwatsu (West New York, NJ)
Deepa Iyer (Arlington, VA)
Japanese American Social Services, Inc. (New York, NY)
Japanese United Support Team/JUST (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Jeng Family Fund (Boston, MA)
Don W. Joe (Dallas, TX)
Suzanne P. Kawaguchi (Chicago, IL)
Parag Khandhar (New York, NY)
Yung Duk Kim (Westport, CT)
Erina Kiriishi (New York, NY)
Korean Youth Center of New York (New York, NY)
Chitose Kubo (Howell, NJ)
Chun P. Kwok (Watertown, NY)
Dorothy Lee (New York, NY)
May Sum Lee (New York, NY)
Todd Lee (Jersey City, NJ)
Ronald Lenox and Therese Feng (New York, NY)
Xiong Li (New York, NY)
Alain H. Lin and Jenny Ching C. Lee (Wyckoff, NJ)
Locus Community Arts Inc./Locus 1640 Post (San Francisco, CA)
Long Mountain Road Foundation (New York, NY)
Robert and Juanita Tamayo Lott (Silver Spring, MD)
Capt. Nancy Hope Lowens (New York, NY)
Gary Luc (New York, NY)
Vincent and Ann Kew Lupardi (New York, NY)
Hui Jin Ma (New York, NY)
Shunichi and Misako Matsumura (Diamond Bar, CA)
George and Sakaye Mitsuhata (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)
Setsuko Matsunaga and Ken Nishi (Tappan, NY)
Jessika Bella Mura (Malden, MA)
Museum of Chinese in the Americas (New York, NY)
Yen D. Ngo (New York, NY)
Cao K. O (New York, NY)
San O (Chicago, IL)
Trien O (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Hideko and Shuichi Ogawa (Chicago, IL)
Steven Hsiang Onne (New York, NY)
PAF Trading Corporation (New York, NY)
The Philippine-New York Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees), Inc. (New York, NY)
Rich Iwasaki Photography (Portland, OR)
Ron and Stephanie Pirolo (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Mary Y. Sato (Monterey Park, CA)
Robert M. Segal (West Covina, CA)
Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc. (New York, NY)
Helen R. Shigetomi (Los Angeles, CA)
Nelson N. and Tinna C. Shih (Voorhees, NJ)
Stanley and Mary Shimomura (Artesia, CA)
Susan Shiroma (New York, NY)
Henry and Bev Tarumoto Shu (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Bing and May So (Marion, IN)
Janice Tarumoto (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Marlene Tarumoto (Gardena, CA)
Antony P. Stephen, Ph.D. (Elizabeth, NJ)
Frank and Beatrice Taga (Los Angeles, CA)
Kenta Takamori (New York, NY)
Keiji and Judy Takasago (La Palma, CA)
Peter Tam (New York, NY)
Udai K. Tambar (Princeton, NJ)
Huyen and Jin Mei Tang (Hartford, CT)
Renee Tang (New York, NY)
Virgil and Kimianne Thomas (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Douglas and Marilyn Lee Tom (Wellesley, MA)
Wang Weiben (Arlington, VA)
Weston High School Asian Student Union (Weston, MA)
James Mou Wu (New York, NY)
Leesui and Lii-Yeh Wu (Medford, NJ)
Zhen Zhu Wu (New York, NY)
Fang-Yun Yeh and Chen Erh Lin (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Alison N. Yu (New York, NY)
Mantian Zhu (Jersey City, NJ)

*The Federation thanks all anonymous donors for their support.


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The Federation would also like to extend its appreciation to these organizations that have lent their support to the Asian American Federation WTC Fund.

aMedia (New York, NY)
Asian Pacific Community Fund (Los Angeles, CA)
Asian Pacific Fund (San Francisco, CA)
Asian Women in Business, Inc. (New York, NY)
Basement Bhangra/Sangam Sounds (New York, NY)
Lodestone Theatre Ensemble (Los Angeles, CA)
McCormick Tribune Foundation/The Disaster Relief Fund (Chicago, IL)
Organization of Chinese Americans (Washington, DC)
Project by Project (New York, NY)

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