Florida Asians Join Internet March to the Mailbox
Miami, Florida – March 31, 2010
            Tomorrow, April 1, is Census Day – the day in which all households in the nation are asked to return their 2010 Census forms in the mail. This is the 23rd time that residents of the United States, including Asians, will have been counted as required by Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution. It is only held every 10 years,
            A Census undercount can cost billions of dollars in federal funding. In Florida, the PriceWaterHouse Coopers Census Study reported a 200,670 estimated undercount during the 2000 Census, with an approximate loss of $91.6 Million on federal funding of eight major programs over a ten year period, 2002-2012. The eight programs are Medicaid, Foster Care, Rehabilitation Services Basic Support, Child Care and Development Block Grant, Social Services Block Grant, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant, Adoption Assistance, and Vocational Education Basic Grants.
            The Asians in Florida, in particular, have received very little support from the government, due to their lack of awareness on how the Census could affect them. The 2000 Census, only 266,256 Asians were counted throughout the State of Florida, with the highest count being recorded in Broward (36,581), Miami (31,753) and Orange County(30,033).
“We have a much higher number than that,” says Dr. Joy Bruce, President of the Asian American Federation of Florida that is pushing for an accurate count of Asians in the State. “It is important for us to get accurately counted so that the government and mainstream media will be aware of how much we are contributing to society, and what kind of services, resources and programs we need to meet the needs of our community.”
The Census helps the government identify where to build new roads, schools, hospitals and important community initiatives and programs important to the Asian population, such as education and English-language programs. It helps identify areas where Asians might need services of particular importance to certain racial or ethnic groups, such as screening for heart disease, strokes or diabetes.
As of March 29, Florida has recorded only 41% return rate, compared to the national Census return rate of 46%.
With only one more day before Census Day, the Asian American Federation of Florida is asking all its members to join the INTERNET MARCH TO THE MAILBOX – by sending this e-mail to all their constituents, families, friends and acquaintances, and encouraging them to send back the Census forms NOW, not later.
“It will make a tremendous difference to the Asians for the next ten years, if we all push for an accurate count NOW,” says Winnie Tang, US Census Partnership Specialist for Florida. “The census is an easy, important and safe way to make a difference in your community.”
What we do now will affect our community for the next ten years. PLEASE SEND BACK YOUR CENSUS FORM NOW – not later.

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