The Asian American Federation of Florida (AAFF) is a 501(c)(3) coalition that aims to unity and collaboration among the various Asian Pacific American organizations and to improve the relationship of a culturally diverse Asian Pacific American community in Florida. The AAFF is a statewide organization made up of more than 70 Bangladesh, Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Iranian, Korean, Laotian, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese faith-based and community-based organizations, businesses and media.





Tallahassee, Florida - October 18. 2010


October is Filipino-American History Month. Celebrated in the US since 1988, activities are held to acknowledge the contributions of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans to the economic well-being and cultural history of the United States. It aims to renew efforts towards promotion and celebration of Philippine culture and traditions so that all Americans may learn and appreciate more about Filipino-Americans and their historic contributions to the United States.

The Big Bend Filipino American Association (BBFAA) first participated in this celebration in 2009 when it sponsored Filipino-American Heritage Week (October 19-24) in cooperation with Filipino Student Association at FSU. The celebration included film showing, discussion/forum about historical, social, and political aspect of US-Phililippine relationship, Filipino games and sports, dancing, karaoke, Filipino cooking lessons, and a picnic. The highlight of this historic week is a 2-1/2 hour show "Fiesta Filipiniana!" on Oct. 24, which showcased ethnic Filipino music, songs, and dances.  Held of FSU Moore Auditorium, the show was  a result of countless hours of practice and a bayanihan by more than one hundred performers, support staff, and family members belonging to BBFAA Angklung group Bamboo Chimes of Tallahassee , the adult folk dance group Folklorico Filipiniana, the youth group Tallahassee Mabuhay Youth Dance Company and the student group FSU FSA Indak . Partially supported by 2010 US Census, all proceeds of this event benefited Typhoon Ondoy victims in the Philippines.  Tallahassee Mayor John Marks made a proclamation of the Fil-Am Heritage Month in Tallahassee. This show is planned every two years.

In 2010, the BBFAA sponsored its first Filipino-American Heritage Art Contest with the theme "Filipino Life in America". The contest aims to educate young members of the community the Filipino culture and traditions.  Students in elementary, middle and high schools participated. The artworks are exhibited at the Experience Asia event at Lewis and Bloxham Parks and at the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library for two weeks.

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